Bomb Threat

Bomb threats are typically received by telephone, but could also be delivered via fax, email, US Postal Service, etc. It is very important that if the threat is called in, the person taking the call has immediate access to the Bomb Threat Checklist and follows these instructions:

  1. STAY CALM. Fill out the Bomb Threat Checklist. This needs to be done immediately while everything is fresh in your mind.
  2. Call 911 to report the threat. Take ALL threats seriously.
  3. Inform the Property Management Office of the situation, 508.303.6900 ext 221.
  4. If the threat is received by the Management Office, the Building Staff will alert the tenants by calling the tenant contacts and giving them as much information as possible.
  5. DO NOT TOUCH ANYTHING SUSPICIOUS! Report findings as soon as possible. If the location of the device has been reported, everyone in the immediate vicinity will be evacuated.
  6. Tenant contacts can always make the decision to evacuate their employees at any time. Local authorities or the tenant contacts always make this decision.
  7. If the bomb threat is received in writing, (not faxed, emailed, or telephoned), all material MUST be saved, including envelopes or containers. Once the message is recognized as a bomb threat, avoid further handling. Every possible effort must be made to retain evidence such as fingerprints, handwriting or typewriting, paper, and postal marks which are essential to tracing the threat and identifying the writer.
  8. When the fire department has determined that the emergency has cleared, tenants who were evacuated will be allowed to return to the building.