Violence in the Workplace

Violence at work is becoming a larger problem for managers of office buildings. Fired or disgruntled workers take out their anger on their co-workers. Family members of building tenants bring domestic violence into the building.

Tenants and building staff members must know what to do in these situations to protect their employees.


  • Pre-employment background checks and testing should be made mandatory.
  • Tenants MUST alert the management office if an employee has been terminated. Security card keys, authorizations and other keys must be collected from the employee. If they cannot be obtained, locks should be re-keyed and other measures taken.
  • Tenants should alert their office manager or human resources manager to any situations that may escalate into an unsafe or uncomfortable work environment. The management office should also be made aware, so they can be watching for the individual.
  • It is suggested that tenants conduct awareness and response training to include situation recognition, confrontation avoidance, and interaction with police and local authorities.